Open High-School Program

The Open High School Program (OHSP) is an alternative mode of secondary education that uses distance learning. It caters to high school students who are unable to attend regular classes due to physical, economic and geographical limitations. The program is in consonance with the goal of the Education For All (EFA) of making every Filipino functionally literate.
Despite being a distance-learning program, the OHSP is still considered as a “formal and structured” program with students’ learning structured around the eight core subjects (English, Filipino, Math, Science, Araling Panlipunan and MAPEH). Students also take the same exams and other evaluation measures to proceed to the next year level.
There are three (3) ways of distance learning available through the OHSP:

1. Modular
2. Internet-based
3. Blended technology

In the modular setup, teachers use modules in teaching students on their agreed schedule. These modules, which are similar to textbooks, are then taken home by students for self-study.

The Internet-based approach is still under development though. This approach will be fully launched when it has passed evaluation measures. The blended technology approach is then envisioned as a combination of the two other approaches.

These three approaches still follow the same grading system, with OHSP students graduating alongside the students of the regular classes at the end of the school year. Students from other areas can also continue his studies in another school nearer to where s/he resides.