About Peniel

Providing Superior Basic Education For A Brighter College

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal’s vision is to be leading home school provider in the Philippines, producing students that are competent and well-prepared for college, with values intact and with extensive exposure to various disciplines. Peniel also aims to promote home schooling as a mainstream option in education and academic paths, and not merely as an alternative education.


PICAR envisions to be a community of Christian learners and educators rooted and built up in the Word of God, academically competent and functional members of our society.



PICAR aims to nurture and equip our diverse students with Christian values and extensive exposure to various disciplines for academic and life success.

A Commitment to Higher Academic Excellence

Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal’s mission is to provide equal and quality opportunities for home school families of diverse backgrounds such as beliefs, cultures and religion that realize the full potential of each child. We at Peniel are guided by the pillars of our Core Beliefs. By adhering to these beliefs, Peniel ensures to instill excellence in home schooling, one child at a time.

  • A Godly education
  • A family-centered education
  • A nurtured child
  • A caring parent
  • A supportive community


A NURTURED CHILD. Children who grow up in a loving and caring environment absorb learning better.  We believe that the school is an avenue where they can discover and pursue their interests making them unique and successful individuals, thus gaining confidence and sense of fulfillment.

A GOD-CENTERED EDUCATION. It is our belief that children who are instilled with values and spiritual conviction are more driven to achieve not only academically, but also to be responsible Christians, making a better community.

A FAMILY-CENTERED EDUCATION. We believe that children who are nurtured in school and supported by the sanctuary of the home can overcome challenges well. Through the spirit of unity and love, they learn academic and life skills more effectively.

A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. The PICAR community consists of administrative and teaching staff, students, and their parents, all work together towards excellence.  By organizing meetings and various activities, we reach out to each other to address different concerns and we provide numerous occasions for developing our students’ academic, spiritual, social, and physical growth.



  • To provide quality education to students through well-trained administrative and teaching staffandthrough an effectiveprogram for continuous academic growth
  • To inculcate moral and spiritual values to the students as well as to the teachers and staff that they may become law-abiding and God-fearing citizens
  • To keep students and teachers abreast with the developments in their respective fields of study through research activities
  • To guide the youth that they may acquire civic and patriotic values and develop a strong sense of nationalism
  • To provide motivations to young people to contribute to the social, economic, cultural and political development of their respective communities
  • To reach out to others through a varied program of community extension services/projects meant to improve the living conditions of the people