Core Beliefs


Each child has different levels of talent, different dreams, and different destinations, yet they all have the power to make a new tomorrow. 

A Godly education

One of the basic principles of institution is a God-centered education.  It is our belief that children who are instilled with values and spiritual conviction are more driven to achieve not only academically, but also to be a responsible Christian, making them better citizens.

A family-centered education

The family is the basic unit of society.  Values, traditions, cultures and principles come from the family.  We believe that children who are nurtured in our school and supported by the sanctuary of the home are able to overcome challenges well, and through the spirit of unity and love, learn academic and life skills more effectively.

A nurtured child

One who grows up in a loving and caring environment absorbs learning better.  Children are exposed to various life situations and training opportunities because we believe that the world is their classroom for discovering and pursuing interests that make them unique and successful individuals, thereby giving them confidence and a strong sense of fulfillment. 

A caring parent

One of the basic needs of children is the loving care of their parents.  Parents must not only ensure that their children are given the best education and opportunities they deserve, but they are able to instill the values and discipline that prepare their children well for the future. 

A supportive community

The Peniel community consists of PICAR administrative staff, students, and their parents who all work together towards excellence.  By organizing meetings and various activities, we reach out to each other to address different concerns, allow our children to socialize with each other, and provide numerous occasions for developing our children’s academic, spiritual, social, moral and physical growth.